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Testing 1,2,3…

I figured out that with WordPress you can post by email, so I decided to give it a try. This will save the hassle from having someone have to post my emails/letters home on the blog, and rather, I can just send it straight there! Also, this is the first email I have sent using my missionary email address! Pretty dope if you ask me!

So here is my test run, and also, my Passport has been sent so it should be here early next week, since it should just be coming from the LA Regional Office.

And here is a video that someone threw together showing the construction of the temple in Kyiv. It is the first temple built in the former USSR, and will service many, many saints. Currently the closest temple to the Eastern Block is in Freiburg, Germany, just over 1,200 miles west of Ukraine.


Peace & Blessings,


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The Opening/Other News

There is a video of me opening the call. It was quite the rush. I had my family on the phone, and a few of my best friends from school there.

In other news:

I have applied for my passport, so that should be coming in the next few weeks. I also have slowly started buying of the clothes and such that I will need to take with me.

I finally got my Mission President’s letter today! After you receive your call, you mission president sends you a sort of “welcoming” letter that talks a little more about your mission, etc. Mine was dated April 8, 2010 and I got it today, so apparently the mail system is extremely slow! Luckily, you can write to me through for free using the Church’s POUCH serivce (Ladies….)

My good friend from school, Tyler Pulsipher, went into the MTC on Cinco de Mayo, he will be serving in Donetsk, the mission right next to mine. It is quickly approaching the time for me to go, and I am super excited. Next month, I am taking the train up to Northern California to go to my roommate, Travis Selland’s, farewell and spend the weekend with him. While I am up there, I will probably spend a little time with a kid I met up at school who will be serving with me in Dnepropetrovsk, we even go in the same day, so we will for sure be in the same district, possibly companions!

Peace and Blessings,