Elder Rhodes Almost Died!!!!

Not really. But Close (or not.)

He had a headache yesterday morning, but took some Tylenol and was doing okay. Then we were singing the opening Hymn in class after gym time and he lost most of his vision, and it didn’t come back after 45 minutes so we went to the Health Center, and we got to go to the real world on a shuttle! The Opthamologist (sp?) looked at it, and said that it was pretty routine, and was just caused by lack of sleep, and stress, etc. It was a symptom of his headache that he had. Apparantly it’s not that big of a deal, but Elder Rhodes had never had that happen before so we were kind of twigging out. I can’t remember what the condition is actually called, so maybe Kyle you could fill me in, haha. They said it’ll probably happen again, but not to worry unless it’s an entire day, then he may have a torn retina, which would not be fun at all, but it seems to be all good.

Elder Rosell (Yes Brooke, that Rosell, why did you never sent him/us a package. He was depressed, but you can still redeem yourself.) left Monday morning to fly out to Samara. He was the first to leave of the older district, the rest leave next week. It is weird that we are slowly becoming the oldest people at the MTC. We have life down to a routine science now, and days fly by super fast. Time just melts together, we can never remember what days funny stuff happened, just that it happened.

PETER: How many different ways can you say that’s the sickest thing ever? I’m so proud that you made the team, I know that you have been working harder than anyone to get there, so keep up the good work, and make me proud. Don’t be like the last BYU football player who went to BHS, that didn’t turn out so well, haha. I’m so if I spoiled the news for anyone, but Peter Welsh is going to be doing big things for my beloved Cougars.

Speaking of which, can somebody please give me more info tomorrow after the press conference? Our shuttle driver to the Dr. and a Senior missionary gave us a lot of info. I heard about the Texas 2013-14 games, and how Fresno and Nevada are in the MWC, and trying to work something out with C-USA and the BCS for a qualifying play in game of some sort? Haha. Our driver said that there is supposedly going to be a press conference tomorrow to officially say whether the whole independent thing is happening or whether the MWC is just giving BYU it’s own TV rights, or what not. So that’d be nice.

Our fireside on Sunday night was really good. Stephen B. Allen, the managing director of the missionary department spoke. It was really funny, he said "Stand up if you like MTC food", then after they stood up, he said "I’m sorry, but your mom’s can’t cook to save their lives". He talked about Ammon and the sons of Mosiah, and being effective in teaching a person, not a lesson. It was a really good talk. The musical number was really good as well, and it got me thinking a lot. Read the sentence I am about to type and think of just how awesome it is:

I know that my Redeemer lives.

Seriously how great is that?!?!?! We literally have nothing to worry about in life, because our lives have already been lived through the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. The joy that sentence gives is beyond sweet, I cannot describe it.

Our Tuesday fireside last week was Sister and Elder Gonzalez, of the Presidency of the Seventy. She talked about how two Americans talked to her when she was 12, and could barely speak any Spanish, to the point she couldn’t understand them, but that the Spirit was telling her what they were saying was true. It really inspired all of us, because we won’t be able to say a whole lot when we get out of here. Elder Gonzalez talked about how we are helping with the Atonement. There is a scripture in 2 Nephi chapter 9, I can’t remember which verse, I don’t have my scriptures next to me, that talks about Christ inviting all mankind to come unto him and use his Atoning Sacrifice. Elder Gonzalez taught us that we are helping Christ fulfill the Atonement, and just how important it is, that was great.

I walked out of Sacrament meeting on Sunday and saw a picture on the wall (they are everywhere in the main building, like every 3 feet) and the guy looked really familiar. I looked at the sticker, to see which city it was from. It was a missionary cooking in an apartment, and the sticker said "Kiev Ukraine". I instantly realized that it was Phil, haha. Marc and Janelle, your son-in-law is famous because his picture is up at the MTC. I don’t know where they get those from, but I got a laugh out of it.

A lot of words are funny literal translations to English. The word for "bear" is literally translated "One who knows where honey is". That’s a random thought, but I liked it.

I was talking to Brother Shelyakin again, in the hallway, and he asked me where in California I was from. I told him "Bakersfield" and he said "Oh, so you were driving and you got to Baker, and said ‘Wow this place is ghetto, all they have is a thermometer’ and kept driving to find his field and live there?" It was really funny. He also told us to pray every day for Putin to die (at least politically, if that is possible without him actually dieing) because then I could get a REALLY good job speaking Russian, ha.

That’s about all there is this week, thank you for all the letters! You all are the best.


Elder McClintock

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