Short Email!

The computer was freaking out, so basically, I only have like 18 minutes because my time started and it wasn’t working (boo).

So school started yesterday! That is really excited for all of my friends that are in Provo! I wanna hear all about it, cheer loud for me at sporting events, and make sure you go to class and study! It’s weird that Im right next to you, but we can’t do anything together! haha.

To Elder Walton’s Family: You are all great, thank you for supplying us with food!!

Elder Holland spoke at the Devotional last Tuesday. Can you say AMAZING?!?!?!? He talked about a lot of stuff, mostly though, about working hard. The part that stuck out the most was "We don’t apologize for what your calling entails, because we aren’t the ones asking you, the Lord is…if you have regrets, and didn’t give it your all, THEN DONT COME TALK TO ME ABOUT IT. I DO NOT CARE. YOU ARE CALLED TO GIVE YOUR TIME TO THE LORD, if you want someone to pat you on the back and smile and say good job, when you didn’t do your best, find someone else. This ISNT Burger King, you CANT have it your way, WE DONT HOLD THE PICKLES!" [the caps showing emphasis].

I realized that my semester of Samoan is what decided my mission (TIC), I tried to get sent to the tropics, with a language full of vowels….and now I’m going to Ukraine. haha it was an ironic connection I made this week. Yay for snow and consonants.

Lisa and Kelsey: I love you both so much! The cupcakes were amazingly delicious as always! I didn’t let myself it them all, I shared them with my zone, and my teachers, but all thoroughly enjoyed them!

A funny thing happened, a counselor in our branch presidency’s daughter, married John Heder’s twin brother, so at church last week, everyone was wanting to take pictures with Napolean Dynamite, but it wasn’t him, hahahaha. It was great.

The older district started leaving, and all the natives are gone. We are the oldest people now! Next Wednesday we will get a new district of missionaries, and the week after, we will get more natives. I loved the natives, they were so cool, and helped us so much with the language! They all tried to collect the entire 50 state quarters, and most of them did, that was fun to explain to them that the national parks, and American Samoa and Guam weren’t states. Elder Kozlovskiy said "Good, Hot Springs would be a stupid state name" haha.

Lisa and Drew: THE CIDER WAS AMAZING! I love it so much, and so did everyone else. I had to convince the Natives that it wasn’t alcohol, haha, but when I got them to drink it, they said it was the "best thing that ever touched their lips". They also had never microwaves marshmallows, so we introduced that concept to them as well 🙂

THE TEMPLE IS DEDICATED NOW! I looked at some pictures on, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It will be such a blessing to the people over there. I love being able to go to the temple every Tuesday (8 o’clock session to be exact), and being able to spend a few hours after church on the grounds every Sunday. It is the best thing ever.

Speaking of church, I’m a fan of a lunch break after the first 2 hours. We have Priesthood at 11, district meeting (our Sunday School class, more or less) at 12, then lunch at 1, and Sacrament at 2. haha

This Friday is my official halfway point of the MTC, it is really weird to think about. We teach the first lesson all in Russian tomorrow, and I’m kinda scared, but if I screw everything up, then I will just laugh it off, becuase I’ll probably have said something really funny. The TRC is great, if you have time to volunteer, you should come down and be a mock investigator, they help us a lot, its really cool. [Note: Teppo, I'm sending you a schedule, they need Finnish Speakers! haha].

Well there is my time, I don’t really have a whole lot of other news. Everyone, keep me updated on how your seasons are going (Terryn, Torree, Nicole, Peter, Bailey, etc. etc. etc.)

You all are the best,

Elder McClintock

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