4 Weeks from Today!

So I officially leave the MTC in 28 days. It’s really starting to set in, and I’m getting a little more anxious everyday. We have to teach the 2nd lesson in Russian tomorrow, so that will be a fun experience. I have been working really hard at all the vocab, and it’s really picking up, so I think we will do okay. Our teachers told Elder Rhodes and I that we are doing way better than the average, so that is good to hear. Last week, when we were teaching the 1st lesson, we did amazing. Our "investigator" decided to play the role of a Muslim man, who didn’t believe in Christ. I’m glad that we had put in the extra effort to avoid memorizing set phrases, because we were really able to actually teach what needed to be taught. Being a teacher is about teaching people, not lessons. With other language stuff, Elder Walton and I decided that we want to start going on exchanges to the tutor more often, because we really like studying grammar, so we are always a little bit ahead, and the tutor is awesome, so we need to soak the knowledge right out of his brain!

We got our new missionaries last week! They are all great. Our new district of Eastern Europeans got here this morning at about 3 AM. There are 4 Elders and 5 Sisters. They don’t speak English as well as the last group, so that should be fun. Between the 2 new districts we have 3 more Elders going to Dnepropetrovsk, so it’ll be really fun to get to know them. Also, of new missionaries, Elder Shurtleff’s classroom and residance room are right across from mine, so I talk to him everyday, and Elder Jacobus lives in my building (on the 4th floor, I’m on the 2nd), and we have all of our meals and gym together. I finally saw Elder Relei this morning in the temple! It was great, I had been looking for him everyday, but finally saw him, he is a great kid, probably the nicest person I’ve ever met in my life.

Other than the new missionaries, it has been a really uneventful week. I don’t really have a whole lot else to say. James, I got your letter, I’ll write you back ASAP. Oh yeah, as for me writing letters back, I’m sorry if I haven’t written you a personal letter yet, I don’t have a whole lot of time to write, so I write the people who write me asking a lot of questions, then if I have time, I’ll get to the people who just shoot me a note, so please don’t be offended! If you send me an in depth, inquisitive letter, I promise you’ll get a prompt response!

I love the MTC, and I love seeing all my friends from school everyday. It’s like Elder Holland said in that devotional: "We don’t teach missionaries how to have fun, you should already know how to do that." And believe me we do! I am going to be really sad when we all have to go our separate ways to the different missions throughout Eastern Europe. But it is a great reason to be missing someone for!

That’s about it,


Elder McClintock

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