I get my travel plans on Thursday!

Yes, that means in exactly two weeks, I will be comfortably riding on a plan to Dnepr. I am ready to be out of the MTC. I had a Dewar’s Chew last night that Elder Jacobus gave me last night, and it was probably the best thing my mouth has tasted in the last two months. I have been here long enough to start getting repeat speakers, haha. On Sunday, Stephen B. Allen, the managing director of the missionary department spoke to us again. It was a sign that we are almost out of here, and ready to do the hard work!

Kelsey and (brother-in-law) Kyle: Elder Scovil, an Elder in the other Russian zone going to Donetsk just got done with his first year at the Air Force Academy. I told him about ya’lls assignment and he thought it was the best news of the outside he had heard since he had been here. So you’re basically famous around the MTC ๐Ÿ™‚ And Heidi, he is from Heber and is friends with your brother, haha.

I realized that I haven’t really told you all about the people in my district, other than Elder Rhodes, my companion, so I’ll start with the rest of my room and a few others! haha.
First, Elder Mills. Mom, we are both very glad that you and his mom are friends now via the internet, because we love each other. He is a great missionary, he struggles with the language but is fearless and works extremely hard. He was our DL when we first got here, then became our ZL at the halfway mark. He goes to USU and we like to make fun of him every time he does something stupid by telling him he obviously didn’t go to a REAL college ๐Ÿ™‚

His companion is Elder Hagee, from McKinney, TX. He and I had a few mutual friends from school, but somehow never met each other. He is an MDT major, and has a ridiculous tenor voice. In fact, he is singing at devotional next week, and I will have the opportunity to be the page turner ๐Ÿ™‚ He is singing a song called "Oh How Lovely Was the Morning". It is an arrangment of Joseph Smith’s First Prayer by Michael R. Hicks, and it is probably the best arrangement of any church song I have ever heard. The arrangment is amazing. I have a video of him singing it, that I’ll send you mom when we get to Ukraine, but you should definitely go put that into your collection. I have seen any of the composer’s other works, but this blew my mind.

The accompaniest for the number is Elder Walton, from Walnut Creek, CA. He is easily the best friend I have made since I have been here. But really, we have known each other since last September. We were in the same group when we watched the Oklahoma game, and we ate together a couple times in the Cannon Center after we both got our calls. He is on the XC and Track teams, and is basically a genious. We study together during language time, and really push ourselves because we are blessed that vocab and grammar just sticks for us. We have gospel discussions multiple times a day about every topic under the sun. We already have master plans for after the mission to live together, and do all sorts of fun stuff.

Last for today is Elder Rigby. He is from Layton, and sadly his is going to Rostov, not Dnepr. He is hystarical, and we always joke to him about writing his little sister a letter because he gets super fustrated. (Note: She wrote me one after I jokingly sent her one, and he flipped, it was hilarious.) He and Elder Walton and I have mail reading parties every night and tell each other all about the outside world.

Kaylynn and Brooke and Erin: Consider yourselves formally chastised for not writing Elder Bishop back (He is on the plane to Sofia right now) before he left. Also, I don’t have your new address, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to send the members of "The Family" left in Provo a letter!

Also, Kirsti, I sent you a letter right before you moved to Layton, but I don’t know if it got there in time or if you got it. Send me your new address and I will send you another one! And send Elder Rigby a letter too, you can facebook stalk him if you’d like, his first name is Mark, haha.

I’ll wrap things up with a quick thought:

In our testimony meeting on Sunday, President Mickelsen, the counselor in our Branch Presidency was conducting. One part of his testimony that really struck me was this:

"If we fully knew how great God’s love was for every single one of us, our agency would cease to exist."

It hit me extremely hard, and the more I think about it, the more and more I realize how much God truly loves each of us, and even how great the knwoledge I have of his love, is only a fraction of what it could possibly be. And that if I really did knoew how great it was fully, I would have NO agency, because I wouldn’t be able to have the desire to do anything to sadden someone who loved me that much.

I love you all, and know that this church is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ upon the Earth. I know that the work I am doing, is the most important work in the world: Helping my fellow beings receive salvation.


Elder McClintock

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