Week 2 in Ukraine!

I can finally seperate all of the words that people say when they talk…haha. I don’t understand everything, of course, but I have pretty good luck reading the gist of what people mean based on their body language and the words I do know. I have actually learned a few words just picking them up in context, so that is pretty dang cool ๐Ÿ™‚

A lot of cool stuff happened this week. We were signboarding (We have these signs we set on the street, with info about the Book of Mormon, and talk to people as they walk by) and as we were finished and walking back, this babushka walked past us. We were in a hurry, and she took like ten steps, then turned around and called out to us. Her name is Anastasia, and the first thing she said was "The Lord is with you. I can see it in your eyes and could feel it when you walked past me. You are glowing." That was pretty dang cool, and I understood every word that she said, so that was also pretty awesome. She is having a surgery tomorrow, so she asked us to pray for her, and she wants to meet with us after he surgery.

Some things I have grown to love since I went into the MTC:
1. Studying – yeah, IDK what is going on here, but I love learning? Maybe I’ll get better grades and actually apply myself in school when I get back ๐Ÿ™‚
2. Writing in my journal – it’s so therapeutic, and just really awesome. I think about my future kids when I write a lot, and try to think of what I would want them to understand as being important from that day. ha, nerdy, but it really helps my entries be meaningful.

They have some awesome graffiti in this city, if I have some time at the end of typing this I’ll attach a picture or two!

Going back to old ladies, our branch is full of bobs (babushkas). Naturally, they all love me. haha. They ask me how to say words in English and call me the "New Little American Boy". They are great!

My favorite family in our branch is Sister Svetlana’s family. She is a single mother with 3 sons. We had FHE with them last week, and afterwards she made us dinner. Oh my gosh. The borsch she made was just about the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. I need to get the recipe from her, because it was so dang good. She also made amazing Strawberry Kompote and a Straw pie/pastry thing, I don’t know what the English word is. Kompote is a fruit "tea" I guess you could call it, I’d never had it before I got here, but basically, she boiled down fresh strawberries water and just made a hot drink out of it, and it was wayyyyy good.

We have been working with an inactive guy name Valera. He finally came to church yesterday! He is a really cool guy, he just got a new job, so he doesn’t work on Sundays any more and came to church! He had a great time, and really liked it a lot. In the last week, he has read almost to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, so that was really cool.

I have been reading Jesus the Christ a lot lately. Holy Cow. Dr. Talmage is a genious. The level of rhetoric is astounding. Other than what it is teaching about Christ’s life, half the time I’m in awe of just how smart he was!

haha, I’m in an internet cafe, and a Ludacris song just came on. Oh Babylon ๐Ÿ˜›

That’s about it. I have one request from each of you though!

I didn’t bring [any] pictures with me, so I would like each of you to email me your favorite picture of us together, and if you don’t have one, then just send me a picture you really like of yourself! I can put them on my camera and print them, so all you have to do is send them! I want to put together a little photo album of all my American homies (And my one Mexican one….RICARDO!)

I miss you all, thank you for all the love and support, keep the prayers coming!

Elder McClintock

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