Week 3 in Ukraine!

So this upcoming week will be crazy. There is a training meeting in Dnepr, so I will be on splits with Elder Condie all week, since we are the junior companions in our city, but I’m way excited. Okay time to get on to the good stuff!

One of the girls that the sisters are teaching is getting baptized on Saturday! Her name is Inga, and she plays basketball here in Nicolaev. She loves Kobe, and is hysterically funny. I’m glad that she is getting baptized, because she is the life of the party at every branch function.

Our investigators are doing well. Mike, one of the Nigerian guys is moving to Kherson next week, so we will have to pass him to the Elders over there, but maybe if he gets baptized we will be able to go, it is only 50 KM away. We are also meeting with a guy named Nicolai, he works in a village outside of town, and is only in town for a few days a month, so it is difficult, but he is making progress. We also got a new investigator last night! We found his contact in the area book and called him and he wanted to meet. So on Saturday we met, gave him a Book of Mormon, and asked him to read. We didn’t think the lesson went well at all, he was very critical of everything, and it just was going to well. Then he called us yesterday, and asked when we could meet, and asked to meet with us last night. So we did, and in the one day he had read up to Mosiah 17. Holy Cow. He was a lot less critical of everything, and asked to meet with us again on Wednesday. He smokes 2 packs a day, but wants to quit, so we will try to get him started on the Addiction Recovery Program soon.

I can’t believe I have already been gone for three months. It’s already November. That is just crazy. Time goes by soooooooooooo fast.

A funny thing happened on Friday. Elder Berndt was making calls, and I was defrosting our freezer. When I opened the door to see how it was going, THE DOOR FELL OFF! That was pretty funny. The entire bottom hinge had just rusted straight off. We called our hazaika (landlady) and she came over and just started laughing. It is supposed to be fixed today, so we will have a fridge again!

On Friday night, we went to this restaurant called "Potato House" (In Ukrainian, of course) because they had "Burritos". He was the contents of my burrito (which was slightly bigger than a hot pocket): Three or four tiny peices of chicken, spinach, white sauce (yes, as in what you put on pasta), a ton of mushrooms, giant slices of tomato, and a CUT UP HARD BOILED EGG! and the hot sauce I bought for it, was smetana (sour cream) mixed with a ton of chili powder. I wanted to go to the kitchen and let me show them how you make a real burrito, but they wouldn’t let me. Welcome to Ukraine Elder McClintock.

I heard Chiddy Bang on the radio on a marshootka (shuttle buses that run on a set route, it’s how everyone gets around here). It made me really "trunky" (homesick) for all of my friends from school. Then I thought again about how we are literally all over the world, doing best thing ever, so I got over it…sorta. I’m starting to forget the words to songs, so it is fustrating when members ask me about American music and I can’t remember either how a song goes or the title of it.

For service this week, we sang hymns at a Russian Orthodox old folks’ home. They were really funny, and were way nice. I’ll put up some pictures from the last few weeks and you can see them. There is one guy who was a general back in the USSR, and he is super funny. He is delierious, and not very coherent, but he sure liked us a lot 🙂

I got a haircut on Saturday. I didn’t intend to, but Sister Burrows was cutting Elder Conie’s and Elder Sarkisian’s hair, and one of the members, Anna, was there and wanted to try cutting hair, so I said she could try cutting mine. It’s not the best haircut I have ever gotten, but it could be worst….haha. It took her like and hour and a half, because she was super scared to do anything.

Since coming here, I have absolutely come to LOVE herbal tea. Everybody here has a "chainik". They are these pitcher counter-top appliance things that boil water in just under a minute or so. Every week after church all of the members have a cup of chai together. My favorite flavor so far is rasberry pomegranate with some other stuff, but I can’t remember what. It is way good.

I also wear a scarf everyday. They are just so dang classy. I do thoroughly enjoy them.

That is about it for the week, I hope you all are doing well. Please keep sending the love my way, I need all the prayers I can get.

Elder McClintock

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