A Baptism!

So basically, this week was awesome. Inga, one of the sister’s investigators got baptized, she is great. We went to turn the font on Friday night to start filling it up, but there was no water. So we went back at 5 on Saturday morning. Still nothing. So we just left it on and hoped it would start sometime before we came back. We came back at 9, adn there was still nothing. The baptism was supposed to start at 12, and we couldn’t figure out what was going on. All of the sudden, we were like "Hey, where are Elder Sarkisian and Elder Condie?" Then they showed up with the Nicolaev city fire department! Haha, Elder Sarkisian told them he would give them 100 griven (roughly $12.50 US) to come fill up the font. The water was a nasty green color, but it only took them 3 minutes to fill up. I’ll send pictures!. She is a way funny girl, she plays on the basketball team here in Nicolaev. I guess here sister played at Rice, and now is playing pro ball in France? So that is pretty sweet! She is the really tall girl next to me in the picture!

So some good flavors of Herbal Tea if you are interested:

Greenfield (brand)
-Honey Rooibus
– Summer boquet

– Wild Strawberry
– cinnamon roobius


They are all UK brands I believe, I don’t know if you can find them in the states, but they are all way good.

So I have been very diligent in my diet since I have been here, and I have lost a lot of weight, I’m going to have by a new belt soon, I’m on the tightest setting! haha. I think total since I went into the MTC, I have lost about 20 pounds or so. This bed ridden member we visit on Sundays said she is worrying about me because I have gotten so much thinner! haha. That made me feel pretty good about myself 🙂

So they have these things here, called pirochkey (peer-rich-key). Basically, they are stuffed scones, and are amazing. Garlic mashed potatoes are the best. they make mashed potatoes, plop some on some dough, fold and pinch it shut then fry it. SOOOOOOO goood. They also have pomegranate-rasberry yogurt here. Simply amazing.

I got four letters this week when people went to Dnepr, I guess there is some more that just got there, so I have heard, so maybe I’ll get that this weekend, because Sister Burroughs is doing her visa trip to Bulgaria so she should have a chance to stop by the office.

Hahahaha, so the AP’s are getting a new apartment, because some people moved in upstairs, and they "work" at night, and it is loud and distracting hahaha. I hope you all caught the drift of the type of "work" the girls that live above them do. hahaha.

That is pretty much it, I don’t really have much else to say, life is good. The language is picking up, I understand the gist of almost every conversation now, so I’m getting a lot more comfortable. I just have to work hard and ride it out, I know it takes time. Curse you time, always making my dreams get derailed temporarily.

Peace and Blessings,

Elder McClintock


Me adn the fire truck
The nice green baptismal font
All of us after the baptism, celebrating by eating at McDonalds.

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