Nice and Sunny in Николаев!

Man, I suck at typing in Russian. That took my like 45 seconds to find all of the keys. Haha. So yeah, it is 70 degrees, and sunny here right now. So much for Ukraine being freezing cold. Everyone here is still wearing their giant jackets, so I am thinking it is a myth perpetuated by the fact that people here wear snow jackets when it’s stinking 70 degrees. haha.

This week was a hard one for me. I didn’t feel very good all week, leading up to me feeling awful all day yesterday. After church we came home to eat lunch, and I went and laid down (at 4 oclock)…and woke up at 6:30 this morning. Pros: I’m not sick anymore. Cons: I slept through half of a day. I feel very unproductive right now. Also, I struggled with the language a lot this week. It seemed like everything that I studied just wouldn’t stick. It was sooooo frustrating. Trying to talk to people and use the words I just spent an hour going over, and I couldn’t remember them at all. I wanted to shoot myself. I’m going to attribute it to being sick because I am too selfish and prideful to let myself think I couldn’t memorize a few words 🙂

There is a little restaurant right across the street from the branch that is wayyy good. And ridiculously cheap. I usually get a big bowl of borsch, 2 slices of bread and a bottle of juice, for a whopping total of 12 grn. Soooo much food for $1.50. It’s amazing. We basically have about 40 grn a day to spend, and we can afford to eat amazing Ukrainian food everyday, so it’s a win for everyone!

Last Monday, we went to Svetlana’s for FHE again, and had it with her and two of her sons. I understood a lot more than I did last time, so that was good, I guess I might be catching on a little bit.

Tuesday was Elder Sarkisian’s birthday, and his mom found out that some of his extended family lives here in Nicolaev, so he has been talking to them, and started teaching them in Armernian. They live outside the city, and they got permission to go to their house to teach them/eat dinner and what not, so that is pretty exciting. He goes home the middle of next transfer, so that wouldn’t be a bad way to "die" for him; getting to baptize a bunch of his relatives! On Tuesday, Elder Berndt and I also made a gigantic pot of borsch. It was soooo good. It really does get better each day too. It is super cheap too, which makes it even better. I’ll have to show everyone how to make it when I get home. Maybe when I’m back in Provo, we will have Borsch every Sunday and I’ll invite everyone over, haha. Make it a tradition of sorts!

Thursday, we discovered, that as of last week, THEY SELL OREOS IN UKRAINE! It was like Christmas, they aren’t double stuffed, but they will suffice. Man, it was so good. I don’t know if I have said this yet, but on Thursday nights, we have FHE at the branch, for all of the investigators. So at FHE on Thursday, we tried explaining what Veteran’s day was, and Elder Condie and I kept bursting into Patriotic songs, it was pretty funny.

Nothing really happened on Friday, and Saturday was when I REALLY started to feel sick, so that was no fun. We also got dogged on 2 of our lessons, bringing it to batting .000 for the last two weeks with investigators. Which is super frustrating/annoying/disappointing/depressing/not fun in general.

Saturday, though, I did get two letters, which was marvelous. Mail and Emails make us missionaries happier than a little kid on Christmas morning. I got a letter from Alex Hoeft, and Jon Chichoni. They are both doing well which was good. The letter from Jon made me think a lot about really how spread out I am from all of my friends, and how we are all serving all over the world. And that made me very happy! have friends serving in every liveable continant, and pretty much every country in North and South America. It’s just crazy how awesome of a work I get to be apart of.

I heard that the U got destroyed by TCU, and lost again to Notre Dame. That made me very, very happy. haha. If we can beat them at the end of the month, I’ll be okay with having a terrible season 🙂

Elder McClintock

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