Hello from…..Kherson!

So I am at an internet club in Kherson right now. All of the missionaries in Nicolaev took a train over here this morning, our whole zone is meeting up and having a Thanksgiving dinner at the Senior Couple’s apartment. I am very excited for a great, American, festivity filled meal. It will be lots of fun.

This week was much, much, much, better than the last. I had a lot more success with the language. It was by far my best speaking week since I have been here. I also learned more vocabulary this week than any other of my mission so far, so that was also grand. We had a very successful week as well which was good.

We have been teaching this guy named Javier, who is an American from Washington. He investigated the church a while ago, and he was just visiting Ukraine to check it out. He did a study abroad program in Russia about a decade ago, so he decided to come check out Ukraine. He is very adament that it isn’t a coincidence that he ran into us on the street, and that he knows it means something. He is a very religious guy, and quite the talker. One of our lessons with him started with him just talking for an hour about his day, it was pretty crazy, but it was good. Friday we had an especially good lesson with him. He had had a very rough day, and just things were not going well at all. We just talked to him about the Book of Mormon, and I promised him that if he read, he would find an answer. We also talked to him about the Priesthood, and how it was restored through Joseph Smith, and by using that priesthood, we could give him a blessing if he would like. We gave him a blessing, and it was just all around a great lesson.

Yesterday at church was very good as well. I understood pretty much everything in Sacrament meeting, which was very nice. We also had a lesson with Ivan, a guy we have met with a few times, but haven’t been able to get a hold of lately. I can’t remember if I told y’all about him before, so I will give the rundown. He is 19, plays the drums in a band, served in the Navy here, and drinks and smokes. Basically your average Ukrainian teenager. The first time we met with him, we gave him a Book of Mormon. We met with him the next day, and he had read the first 175 pages. When we met with him last night, he said he had finished reading it, and knew it was true, and had started to reread it. He also said that he stopped drinking, because reading just made him feel like he shouldn’t drink any more. We are meeting with him again tonight, and are going to talk to him about smoking, and about the addiction recovery program the church has. It is a great way to cap off an even better week.

Transfer calls were on Saturday, well a text actually. President just sensd everyone a text saying "These are the people who will be transferred…" with a list of names. Tomorrow, another text will go out with the assignments for the following transfer. I will be with Elder Berndt for six more weeks. I am very excited. The first few weeks of the transfer were rough, we didn’t really get along very well, but things have gotten a lot better, and we are doing very well together. Sister Burrows is leaving Nicolaev though, so we will have a new sister coming here on Thursday. So we will find out tomorrow who that will be!

One thing about Ukraine that is very different is the amount of wild dogs. I see dogs fighting almost every day, and there are just packs of them running around everywhere. It is very interesting. We were doing service on Saturday, cleaning up a park, and two members came to help us. Along with them were about 7 dogs who just kept following them around for 2 hours, it was really really funny.

Well that is about it for the week, enjoy your Thanksgiving, and don’t have too much fun without me 🙂

Elder McClintock

PS. Happy Birthday to James P. Harris Jr., My R.A. from school who turns the ripe age of 23 today!

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