Finally a little bit chilly!

Hello Everyone!

So it is finally starting to get a little bit chilly here. It is snowing lightly right now, but not enough to really stick at all. We went to the zoo this morning, which was pretty fun, even in the 30 degree weather. A lot of good things happened this week, that I am very excited to tell you all about!

So last week, we saved some of our P-Day to go shopping for a companionship tie. It is a mission tradition or sorts to by matching ties with every companion you have. We had no luck, we couldn’t find any pairs that we liked, so we need to keep looking! I did buy a webcam and headset though, so everything will be squared away to Skype home for Christmas! I am very excited, it is very different celebrating as a missionary, but I am very excited to call home. After I got the webcam and headset, we walked outside and started talking to a street vendor selling movies. He said he had talked to missionaries before, and had a Book of Mormon, and read a little bit of it, but that he wasn’t very religous. Oh well….BUT! He sells movies, and for 20 greevin each, ($2.50 USD) he sold Elder Berndt and I each a DVD that had all 7 Harry Potter movies out so far, all 3 Chronicles of Narnia movies, and (drum roll) Nanny McPhee 1 and 2! All in Russian of course! haha. The last two seem pretty random, but I would say that that is a steal of a deal. Yay for no copyright laws! Man I love Ukraine. Also, one of the ladies who was selling books, was selling a Book of Mormon (Russian copy) for 25 greevan. I really wish I had my camera to take a picture of it. It was really funny.

We are down to one investigator now. His name is Aleksei. We met him last Saturday, and he came to church on Sunday, and liked it and said he wanted to meet with us. We had 4 lessons with him this week, and he came to church again yesterday too. He is an older guy, who is VERY Russian Orthodox. He crosses himself after almost every prayer we say, haha. The biggest challenge for him is viewing prayer as a conversation with Heavenly Father. We asked him to pray about our message, and the Book of Mormon, and he told us that he did! His praying, though, was reading 3 Our Fathers, 2 Hail Marys and pondering about it. It is very interesting how different religions are, and how they feel about things. He is making a lot of progress though. He has a hard time keeping things straight in his head, being an old guy, and wants to meet a lot of times to really understand it. He is showing a lot of promise, so I am excited to work with him some more.

We got a crazy contact this week. MLMs are officially taking over the world. We were at the branch, waiting for Aleksei to come to a lesson, and this lady just walked up and rang the doorbell. She is selling Xango. Yes, that Xango. She read about how the headquarters are in Utah, and knew that Utah is the "Mormon State" so she found our building to try to sell it to members. Not a bad business move, haha. We talked to her a bit, and passed her info to the Sisters. She seemed somewhat interested in the church, but we will have to see whether it is just to try and boost her down line or not 🙂

Elder Condie and I were at the post office together last Tuesday, mailing some letters (Jessica, Hannah, Terryn & Torree, they are on their way!) and this lady came up to me and said: OH! Three letters to America, you must be really popular! and started rubbing my back. I said I was from America, and moved so she couldn’t awkwardly rub my back anymore. haha. Basically she wanted our passports and to get married to get to the states. We told he we were here as missionaries, and just invited her to come to English class. It was very strange. Creepy Natasha from the post office, please don’t touch me, thank you.

So that is pretty much everything, I hope all of you at school are enjoying your finals week, study hard! Life is good, I’m excited for Christmas, I have attached a few random pictures for your enjoyment.

The second picture is a sign outside the tigers den. The tiger is saying that he is hungry, and wants some lunch…The guy is telling the tiger he is just drunk from the vodka. hahaha.

Elder McClintock

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