It’s My Birthday and I know you want to Fly-y-y-yyy out!

Happy 20th birthday to ME!

Okay, there is my selfish moment 🙂

So far, my birthday has been a good one. It started out with a text from President Nielsen…the transfer text (drum roll!)

I’m going to Dnepropetrovsk! I will be serving in the Center Branch, with Elder Hammon. He is from Bountiful. I haven’t talked to him that much, only a few minutes when I first got in country, but I’m way excited. We will be opening a new area, so I am really pumped to get the work going.

To celebrate my birthday, we are going to a basketball game tonight. I wonder how quality the professional bball of Ukraine is, I’ll find out…hahaha.

Yesterday was a great Testimony meeting. I particularly enjoyed one members testimony, it really hit me. She is 83 years old, her name is Klavdia. She looks a lot like my Mom will in 30 years (youll still have hair, and it won’t be gray! haha). She talked about how she is so grateful for the gospel, and so grateful for all of "these good looking American boys who leave their families, educations and girlfriends to bring the people of Ukraine the gospel." It really hit me how much the world values what I sacrificed, which in reality is nothing for what you get out of a mission, and how much I absolutely LOVE Ukraine and the people here.

I am really starting to understand pretty much everything at church (the streets is different, haha). I finally feel like I can be myself somewhat when talking to people. So that is a good sign. The other day, I also had my first dream in Russian. It was weird, but everyone says that’s when you know you are catching on to the language, when you dream. So that is good. In the dream I was on a bus, and the bus driver wouldn’t stop at my spot, so I just got off, and started tracting back towards where I was supposed to be, then Elder Hagee pulled up in a car and gave me a ride. It was sooo weird. haha.

For New Year’s, we had to be in at dark on the 31st, and couldn’t go outside until chruch yesterday. They get crazy drunk, and the streets are ridiculous, so we must be inside. It is the biggest holiday of the year, and people here sure know how to party. haha. We entertained ourselves by cooking, making Backstreet Boys music videos, and writing letters. It was pretty fun, but I definitely hate being stuck inside being unproductive. I don’t know how I used to be able to do that. haha.

Well, that is pretty much all the news, since such a big chunk of our week was taking up by that, and that we had splits with the APs and ZLs this week. So we had 1 normal day. haha. I will miss two baptisms this Saturday because I will be in my new area, which I am sort of sad to miss, but it will be good. One is an investigator, the other is a member who turned 8.

I’ll finish up with one funny story: I had to use a public bathroom, because we were in the middle of nowhere, and I really needed to go. Most public bathrooms here are called "squatters". Fill in the details yourself. haha.

My "Black Year" has officially begun. In all of 2011, I will never set foot on US soil. Crazy.

Elder McClintock

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