Hellllooooo Everybody!

I hope you all are doing wonderfully this week. This week has had a lot of success, but not a lot of real exciting/funny stories to share with you, haha.

It is great to be able to be teaching Nick and Nina as a couple. They really are making great progress. They have read through the "Answers to Life Questions" sticker we put in the front, and decided to begin reading from the beginning of 1st Nephi, without us asking or suggesting it at all. We met with them, and they told us that they had just done it. Our goals with them in our lesson were to 1) Answer any questions they had from reading, 2) Get a better feel for their religious background, 3) Talk about baptism a little in preparation of delivering the baptismal commitment, and 4) learn their last name. The lesson was amazing. After beginning with a prayer, the first question they asked was about Moroni chapter 8, where Mormon is talking about infant baptism. This sparked a discussion about their religious background, and how they both feel it is wrong to baptize children, because they are just too innocent to be deemed "guilty" in any way. This was very interesting, because Nick said that he was Orthodox when we first met them, but things are churning in his head, it is great to see. We also found out that Nick played for FC Dnipro in the 60’s and his brother played professional soccer in Argentina as well. Right after the lesson, I was talking to Nina about fast offerings (she saw the slip on the table in the branch), and how that is the general humanitarian fund for members of the church. She also asked about making a donation to the Missionary Fund and the Book of Mormon fund, that was a pleasant surprise! At the same time, Nick was talking to Elder Hammon and said "There are a lot of Nickolais in Ukraine, you should know our last name.". The Lord is definitely preparing these people, and the change I see from lesson to lesson is amazing.

Also, with contacting, there is a large park near our new apartment. It is great if we only have a short time to be able to go contacting, especially since there are a lot of families there. We went with Elder Piccolo and Elder Clifford to go contacting there for an hour on Saturday, and again last night. It was aboslutely amazing. Between the 4 of us, we got 9 contacts in 2 hours of work. It is great to have people to talk to, and have things written down on your planner after you pencil in studying and lunch 🙂

I have also gotten to know know Vova Davidenko, our mission’s visa clerk pretty well this past week. He is a great guy. Yesterday, he and his whole family came to church in matching outfits that his wife had boughten. It is great to see how serving a mission changes the lives of people. As I look around Dnepr, you see all of the people who have gone on missions, and they all have great families, are well off by Ukrainian standards, and are just plan happy. Vova’s kids are absolutely gigantic. He is about 6’8" and Mosha, his wife is probably 6’4"ish. They have a son who is 19 months old, that looks like a 4 year old, he is enormous. Vova says that he is going to be the first Mormon Ukrainian to play for the Lakers and will make him a lot of money some day. They are in our area, so we will have to teach them, that members are supposed to feed the missionaries often 🙂

That’s all the news for this week, I hope all is going well with everyone. Keep the support coming, I got a Christmas card from the Hoeft’s this week, it made me feel all at home! Thank you for that.

Elder McClintock

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