TGI P-Day’s.

Hello Family, Friends, and Fanatics:

Things are going amazing with Elder Adams. We have a lot in common, and I would have to say that we have gotten along the best (right from the start) of any of the companions I have had. He is from Mesa (aka "Little Utah") and went to Mountain View. We know a lot of the same people, (Mountain View feeds more people into BYU than any high school outside of Utah) and we talk about sports….a lot. He played corner and strong safety in high school. It is so nice to have a companion who loves football as much as I do.

Right now we are living with the APs. It is fun living with them but we are ready to move back into our own place. We talked to our landlady yesterday, and she is cleaning and caulking everything, and we should be good to go tomorrow to move back in. Oh yeah, the apartment I’m in got infested with bed bugs last month so that is why I’m not in there yet. Vova (the mission visa clerk/landlord talker-to) said that if the bed bugs come back, that he would just make sure it gets taken care of, because our landlady has already done so much. He doesn’t want her to find out and go through any more work. She really is the perfect landlandy. She loves the missionaries, and spent ten or so minutes asking us how different missionaries were doing and what we have heard about people who have gone home. She is just about the nicest lady of all time. She also told me this ancient Tibetian secret to make you fall asleep in 3 minutes. Still haven’t tried that one out. haha.

We didn’t have any investigators when I got to the area. We went tracting and got in a door and taught an older couple though. We taught them the first lesson, and it went farely well. The wife was very Orthodox and didn’t want to listen, but the husband kept saying "look, they gave us a book about Jesus Christ, they are good kids. What is reading a book going to hurt?". He gladly took the book and said he would read, so we are planning on following up on that this week.

We also met with a less active member out in Prineprovsk, a little village outside of the city that is in our area. He is bed ridden, so we have to go fill up water bottles for him, and empty his bed pan (Elder Adams did that one) and then he teaches us what he is reading about in the Book of Mormon and asks any questions he has. The question he had was the difference between the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, and the Tree of Life in Lehi’s dream. In the lesson I made a connection that I had never thought of before. Alma says that the Tree of Life makes man live like God without end. Lehi sees and describes the tree as the "Love of God", or partaking of the Atonement, which is the very thing we must use to reach the state that is resultant of partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Life. The scriptures are full of symbolism, and the ties between different stories and symbols show the true wisdom of God. While things may be hard to grasp here or there, when we put all of the writings of various prophets together, we have a powerful metaphor that is impossible to forget.

I was really bummed about not being able to teach Nik and Nina anymore. The day after transfers, Elder Hammon met with them (he is with another Elder, his greenie got sick and is still at the MTC). They taught the 7 Steps of Salvation. 1. Faith, 2. Repentence, 3. Baptism by water, 4. Baptism by fire, 5. Priesthood (for men), 6. Temple Ordinances and 7. Enduring to the End. Only Nina was there, and towards the end Nik walked in. She taught him the whole lesson, and he was actually interested and asking questions, he is usually very passive and really just there to be supportive. Elder Hammon asked them what they need to do next, and they both said "Be baptize by the proper authority". They committed to start reading and praying together. Elder Hammon is shooting to set a baptismal date next time they meet. After the lesson, Nina asked if he knew any English teachers because she wants to pass the class she teaches Sunday mornings to someone else so she can come to church. I am very excited to keep hearing about them.

After English last Tuesday, I was talking to Nik and Nina about how I wouldn’t be able to meet with them anymore. They asked where I would be going and I told them I was staying in Dnepr, but just moving to Pobyeda. Nina got REALLY excited, and told me that her mom lives in my new area, and she wants Elder Adams and I to start meeting with her. Receiving that contact strengthened my testimony that I know where I am supposed/needed to be and these things are just random. Everyday I realize more and more the work the Lord is doing to prepare people to hear our message, and he is controlling things better than Bobby Fischer playing a game of chess.

That is pretty much everything that happened for the week. I didn’t get left out in the cold for 2 and a half hours this time moving, so that was less exciting. I am very glad that Elder Hagee is in my district. It is like the good old days of the MTC. I also love having a senior couple. Every Sunday (and Thursdays at district meeting) we get fed a home cooked meal. On Sundays we take our lunch and dinner hour back to back so we have 2 hours to go help Sister Roach make dinner and then we enjoy a fine home made meal cooked with love (by far the most important ingredient mind you).

The District wide fast is going well. There was some confusion with one of the members, and she starting fasting at the wrong time, on the day before she was supposed to. So I fasted last Monday (with all the missionaries) and again on Wednesday. It was really hard on Wednesday. We were out contacting all day, and I was getting really dizzy and light headed. I didn’t drink hardly any water Tuesday, so I was extremely dehydrated and it was no bueno. But all is well, and the chain is still going. I got a letter this week from Elder Selland, my roommate and #1 homie from school, it made me very happy to read. Things are good back in Texas it sounds.

Oh, so last Monday we went to TGI Friday’s for dinner with the APs and the missionaries who were going home. It was good, and then this guy walks up and Elder McClure starts talking to him. Apparanently he is the head of FIFA Ukraine, and he loves the missionaries. He gave Elder McClure a full Ukrainian National team uniform (warm ups and everything) that he grabbed as he left work, it was Elder McClure’s birthday adn last day in Ukraine. I guess every time a team comes from western europe to play in Dnepr, this guy calls the missionaries and they take all the players and coaches around the city and translate for them. The guy is ridiculously wealthy, and he covered all 8 of our tabs at Friday’s, which is one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. That was pretty cool.

I love you all, thank you for the support.

Elder McClintock

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