If You’ve Had a Birthday Shout Hurray!

So last week was my neice, Chayse’s, birthday. And tomorrow will be my sister Lisa and nephew Tate’s birthday. It is quite a crazy time of year in that house.

Things are going well here on Pobyeda. Elder Adams and I are still getting along better than ever. Every day is hysterical, and I look forward to each day more than the last. Our district is great, Elder Merkley and I talk a lot about BYU basketball (I hear rumors of a #1 seed!?!?!?!?!?!) and Elder Hagee is still the funniest, most sarcastic person I have ever met. I was able to be on exchanges with Elder Hagee for a while on Saturday night, and it was amazing how far we have both come since that first day in the MTC 7 months ago. People on the street are simply stunned when they find out that we have only been in Ukraine for 5 and 10 months respectively. The few American’s I have met here that aren’t missionaries can’t speak or understand nearly as well. Just a further testament of the work we are doing that Heavenly Father truly does bless us with the gift of tongues to do his work here on the earth.

Last night, Elder Adams and I were having some good pillow talk, and were talking about the language, and how it comes. It seems that, especially on lessons, if we kind of don’t understand what is being said, or don’t understand perfectly, the thought is placed in our heads, and we know exactly what they are saying. There have been many times were I have heard a word, not understood it and had no way to figure it out from context, yet the thought of what it means comes to my head, and when I look it up later, the correct definition just came to me. It is an amazing and very spiritual experience. Moroni wasn’t kidding when he said that we can learn the truth of all things by the power of the Holy Ghost, even if it is a random Russian word.

Now to the bed bugs: they are back. Whatever our landlady did, she didn’t do well enough, and I got bit 3 times on Saturday night. We called Vova (the mission visa clerk/apartment dealer-with’er) and he said he would send over some professionals to fumigate it. So we will be out of our own place for a few days while those little critters are getting killed. It will be nice to finally have those things gone.

Lessons this week were slim. We had a lesson on a door step with a lady while we were tracting. It was in one podyezd, that we got four contacts out of in 45 minutes. A podyezd is "entrance" to an apartment building. Here there will be gigantic buildings with 4 or 5 podyezd’s. Basically, it is a stair well. haha. I guess that is easier to describe. It was a great day of contacting.

We met again with Victor, the physically handicapped man just outside of town. We meet with him every Friday. He can’t say McClintock, so my new name is just "Elder Mackle" because that’s easy to say. haha. We fixed his closet for him, along with the regular empty of his bed pan, and filling up water bottles for him. I made Elder Adams do the bed pan :). He is a really nice guy, and loves the Book of Mormon. It is very humbling to meet with him, and see the way he lives.

That was pretty much our whole week, not a whole lot happened. Every day I love Ukraine more and more, and love the people more and more.

I do miss In N Out though. And Dr. Pepper. There is a store that sometimes has it (so our Area Book says) but we keep checking and they never have it. It is depressing.

J.K. Livin’

Elder Mackle

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