Oops, that was an important syllable.

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I have some pictures for you all today, I know I have been bad about that.

Things are going well in our area. We have a lot of contacting time. Unfortunately we don’t have any progressing investigators at the moment. We are getting contacts, but they just don’t seem to be turning into people who are willing to actually meet with us. It is slightly frustrating. But I know there are people out there. We are going to work on Sokol this week. It is an area that the missionaries haven’t been to in a while. President Nielsen wants us to spend some time over there finding (aka ‘gator huntin’) people to teach. We haven’t had time to get over there because of all of the moving and things with the fumigation.

Speaking of that, all of the bugs are gone! We got our apartment fumigated by a professional, just to make sure. The downside to that, was that the poison was everywhere, so we had to wipe down every square inch of our apartment and wash every article of clothing we have. It took an entire day. We had a solid 8 hours of scrubbing everything, listening to Disney’s Greatest Hits. haha. It was a fun day.

I have had a few hard days this week with really wanting to give it my all contacting. Moving back and forth between our apartment and the Assistants’ and having to travel a long ways to our area is very tireing, and I let it wear on me. It was probably the lowest point of desire that I have had since I have gotten to Ukraine. Then yesterday, in testimony meeting, I had a very spiritual impression of how much I truly love these people, and how much they need me to want more than anything to have people learn about the restoration. It was a very powerful moment for me. I made the realization that Satan was working on me to try to keep Elder Adams and I from doing big things in our area. I love our branch, and I love Ukraine whole heartedly.

There is a lady in our branch named Natasha whose husband has been coming to church lately. His name is Victor. We talked to her about him after church and he is Hare Krisha, but he has come to church off and on. Everyone in the branch knows him. She thinks he may be closer to being ready to meet with the missionaries, and she was going to ask him again. They seem to have a very good marriage, and talk freely about the church, and he is supportive of her being there. I hope that turns into someone we cant teach because our area is looking kind of slim right now. We could use a boost.

Adams and I are still doing amazing. We have been in a "German Pancake" phase this week. We have made them like 5 times, haha. We also make biscuits every Saturday, so it is just like the good old days 🙂 Our landlady gave us two giant things of fresh made apple juice. It is really strong, and we didn’t really know what we wanted to do with it. So we decided to make syrup out of it, and it is quite delicious I might add. She gave us a huge thing of honey too, which was way nice because honey is very expensive here.

My computer is twigging out, so the pictures will have to wait one more week, I’m sorry!

Oh, and as for the syllable….Education and circumcision are very similar words. And it gets awkward when you tell members that you are paying for your own education at BYU……

Elder McClintock

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