Missionary Math.

Let u equal the number of people in Ukraine.

Let p equal the number of people in Ukraine who missionaries have talked to.

u – (2/3)p = The number of Ukrainians who don’t think the missionaries are JDubs.

Unfortunately, that is the truth. Even yesterday, as Elder Adams and I were walking up to the branch before church, a lady all dressed and ready to go to church came up and talked to us. She was ready to come in with us, and than asked the question: "вы свидетели Иегова?" (Are you Jehova’s Witnesses?)

No. No we are not.

Then she asked where the nearest Jdub church was, and when we told her we didn’t know she turned around and walked away. Church was very good though, choir practice and all.

I found out this morning that I will be spending another transfer with Elder Adams on Pobyeda, and I am extremely excited. We have a few investigators now, and we will get to continue to visit Victor every week. It is very strange every time missionaries go home, especially this round so far. I know all of the missionaries going home tomorrow fairly well, but they are all ready to move on with their lives. Everybody watch out for Bryndon Belnap, who will be walking on the football team in the fall to be the replacement of Jake Heaps a few years down the road. Also, ladies, I will gladly give you his information, just ask. He literally is one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life.

We have been going through the area book trying to get a hold of as many former investigators as we can. The stack is very thick and the area book is bulging with formers who haven’t been contacting in a long time. So far we haven’t had anyone who is interested, but we have had a lot of good lessons with people. We have also been doing a lot of less active work, and are trying to bring people back. Our contacts aren’t working out so well, so we gotta get interested people from somewhere else.

This week when I was exchanges with Elder Merkley, we stopped by a older couple into whom he and Elder Calaway tracted into last transfer. They are English students, and have been staying regularly for the spiritual thought afterwards. Elder Calaway forgot where they lived so he and Elder Adams could never stop by their place again, so when Elder Merkley was here, we made sure to. We had a great lest with them that started off very interestingly. When we got there, we saw the wife talking to her daughter who lives in San Francisco on Facebook. When we got to starting the lesson, we asked if we could show them a short video on the computer. We pulled up LDS.org and watched the video about the cultural celebration. It is a very powerful video, and really invited the spirit into the room. Afterwards, they just sat there for a moment, and then said "How did you manage to get the government to allow you to build that? That is a miracle." and were instantly interested. We had a very good first lesson, and they both committed to read the Book of Mormon. I am very excited to see how things progress with them. They are a great older couple, who are very honest and just all around good people. All they do all day is study English so they can go visit their daughter and grandson in the US.

That is the only thing of note that happened this week. In my personal study, I’ve been contemplating the importance of the temple. I remember writing a letter to a friend who was preparing to go into the MTC, and telling her that we aren’t baptizing people, but rather helping people do what they need to do to go to the temple. I have thought and thought about it some more, and I began to pray to have the opportunity to help teach a family who gets baptized. I want nothing more than to have a family get baptized, and then be able to be at their sealing on my way home. I cannot think of any greater joy I could find in my missionary service. Really, the temple is everything. That is as simply as I can put it.

I am sad that BYU lost to Florida, but it was a good run. I heard Kyle Collinsworth got his call though, and is going to Russia, that will be legit. I hope you are all doing well, I am sorry for the short email, but there wasn’t much to report.

This morning for P-day, our whole zone got together and we played football at a park. It brought back memories, and felt a lot like home. I have pictures, and also pictures of getting Victor dressed up in a suit. Sadly though, I didn’t have time to go get my camera cord, so next week (I PROMISE!) I will have pictures of the chalking, victor, football, and downtown Dnepr! Please don’t hate me! I also got a letter form Terryn and Torree today! Thanks! I will write y’all back as soon as I can!

Elder McClintock

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