The Biggest Branch

is now Pobyeda. No, Elder Adams and I did not baptize 30 people this week. They combined the Topol and Pobyeda branches into one branch. I am very excited to have the branches be together. It will be great to have 70 people at church each week, and have a good sized primary, relief society, and Elders’ Quorum. It will feel even more like an actual ward, and less like a small branch. The response I have seen from the members has been very positive and they seem excited as well. The branches used to be one branch until 5 or so years ago, and then they split them. Both have been dwindling on numbers, but it will be good to have everyone working together.

Our new plan of attack for our area is going well. It has been good to build our presence out in the areas we have been working lately that haven’t gotten touched very often. A lot of people think we are Jehovah’s Witnesses, who apparently spend a lot of time doing missionary work out there. But when we tell them we aren’t it leads to good conversations. We haven’t seen a huge jump in the number of contacts we have received, but it seems like every door we knock, we are having a 5-10 minute conversation rather than just being told "no" within a few minutes. It is going very well. I am glad to see it turning around. There are a lot of families out there which is great to see. It seems like every woman I talk to here is a single mom, unfortunately. It is very encouraging to see some families together.

We have been working a lot with Alexander Boboshka, and he has come to church the last two weeks. He didn’t come to conference, but yesterday and two weeks ago he came and stayed for all three hours. It has been good to see him come back and to see the branch welcome him. As with investigators, George is doing well. We talked to him a few times throughout the week, but he was too busy to meet; he had exams. He ran into Zhenya Boboshka, a member who lives across the street from him at the mall downtown and they recognized each other and had a good talk. Zhenya is excited to help us teach him, and is really excited to see George meet with us. We got one new investigator this week, though we have already passed her to the sisters. Anya is an english student who asked us a few questions after the spiritual thought last week. We met with her at the Roaches’ and receive the message well, and said that she needed to read and pray for herself, but that after talking and watching a video she couldn’t say one way or the other whether it was true or not. She was very honest and open, and it will be good to see where she goes. We are planning and having the lesson to pass her sometime this week.

On Saturday, I got the wonderful opportunity to translate for the Roaches at their quarterly training meeting for Seminary and Institute teachers. It was pretty fun, and it is always good to get some training on being a better teacher. We also got fed a free lunch, so you cannot complain about that 🙂

We have also been roped into singing in the District Choir for District Conference next month. That was a fun experience. The choir director is a lady from my branch, and she is funny. She doesn’t mess around. She was takling about something and it was just funny how passionate she was about it, and Elder Adams and I started to chuckle a little bit, and as a result she instituted Yellow Cards and Red Cards for choir practice. haha. I also got a surprise when I got to church yesterday morning. We were there for branch choir practice, and she said "Elder McClintock! You are singing in church today, are you ready?". So I got to sing a solo in Sacrament meeting. haha.

That is about everything that happened this week. Thank you for the support. Happy Birthday to my sister Kelsey, and Happy 0th Anniversary to my sister Jennifer and new brother in law and Jeremy who got married on Friday!


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