Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It isn’t a holiday here, but the Relief Society did enjoy the cards that we made them 🙂 They are great. I am very excited for the Welcome Party for the new missionaries on Wednesday. It is going to be a great time. We are singing the Ukrainian National Anthem, and there will be a gigantic feast of all sorts. It was great to be able to Skype home to my family, but I’m glad we can only do it twice a year. It is quite distracting and makes you very "trunky".

We met with Anatoli again this week and he is doing well. We taught him the second lesson, but it seemed like he really taught us more than we taught him. He agreed with everything we said and he is working his way through reading the Book of Mormon. He said so far he hasn’t found anything that contradicts the Bible, but he did have one concern. He asked us what kind of mistakes were in the Book of Mormon after reading the title page, and we had to clear that up by explaining that if it was a typo or something that didn’t change the meaning then it was of man, or a possible mistranslation. One thing he said to me was that was very interesting was concerning enduring to the end. He said that after gotten onto the right path, we have done everything we are supposed to, and we are almost saved. We just have to "not mess it up", so to speak. He then talked about how enduring to the end is the hardest part, but it is when we are the closest to salvation.

He told us that he would call us when he was ready for us to come over because he needed to prepare borscht and bake bread, etc. to properly have us as guests. He said he only turns his phone on when he needs to use it, and that he would call us. We will see what happens. He also talked about starting a Bible Study Group, or rather restarting it. He told us it would be great if we could come, and we told him we would look into it, but that we may just have to send a member because it is easy for people to get defensive and/or offended when to missionaries from another church come. He told us that if people want to be offended and that is their decision and he thinks it would be good. We will see what happens, and maybe have a member like President Kamenyev, or President Kovalyov or Petrenko represent the church. President Kovalyov is our District President and both President Kamenyev and Petrenko have been the district president before. All three of them know the Gospel very well and would hopefully get us a lot of investigators!

Yesterday at church, we got the choir to sing in 4 part harmonies. It was magnificent. They branch loved it, the choir loved it, and all of the old women were crying their eyes out. Sister Sofia, who I told you about last week, came up to me afterwards and said "The music was so beautiful! That is why we need a big primary here, so everyone can sing like that! I want to kiss you right now, but I know that that’s not allowed." It was very funny. She is the nicest ancient lady I know. She comes to everything despite just celebrating her 84th birthday, which makes me have little sympathy for the old people here who say they can’t go outside because it’s too cold. She is amazing. She gave a great talk yesterday as well, about General Conference.

That is really all that happened this week. I hope everything is going well with you all. We find out our assignments for next transfer today, so I may be in a different city next week, who knows. I think I have at least one more here though. Thank you for all the support and love!

Elder McClintock

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