I Love Borscht.

It is amazing. Especially when you don’t have to make it. As I have been talking about for the last few weeks, we hosted the welcome party for the greenies. It was a way fun time. We started off with a round loaf of bread, with a little hole cut out of the top in which you put a little bowl of salt. It is a tradition for when you have someone over as a guest for the first time. The guests rip off bread, dip it in the salt and then eat it. The program was fun too. We sang the Ukrainian National Anthem, so I basically quadrupled my Ukrainian vocabulary. haha. We read a list of advice that has kind of gotten passed around from missionary to missionary. It gets less and less funny every time you hear it, but it’s pretty true. The things on their are like "If you see a word written on a wall, don’t look it up in the dictionary", "if you want to cross the street, remember the game frogger", and "if you see a good looking girl, read the Book of Mormon". Funny stuff. We then had a wonderful feast of broscht, vareniki, and best of all: holodyets. The latter got made as a joke because they know how much Americans hate it. I will save you the description, you can google if you want it.

So Elder Adams got transferred. He is now in Kherson. My new companion is Elder Ditto. He is very, very, very quiet. He hardly says a word. He is having a very hard time with the language and I think is a little discouraged. I think it is hard for him to be the only missionary who is junior companion to someone younger than him. He is a good kid though. He is from Dallas, and got baptized about 5 years ago. That’s about all I know about him. haha. It will be fun.

Because of transfers, not a whole lot happened this week. It was a lot of extra studying while Elder Adams was packing, getting ready for the greenie party, dropping Elder Adams off, picking Elder Ditto up, Elder Ditto unpacking, etc. etc. Sorry for the short email. I also got permission to watch Kyle’s graduation from med school. Congratulations! I really enjoyed the ceremony, the commencement speaker was great. He said that in order to be successful, you must have a vision (aka a dream and a plan), go the extra mile, and work with love. I found it very applicable to missionary work.

That was basically our whole week, nothing exciting happened. I love our branch, the members are great. There is one family, a husband and wife (Nikolai and Ludmila) who are 74. He is the definition of old man strength. He still works out every morning, and it is really funny when he talks because he has the deepest voice I have ever heard. He is famous across the mission for it. haha. He also has a full grill. All old people here get brass crowns on their teeth, and there is absolutely zero white when he smiles. His wife Luda is the one who made the holodyets. They have a granddaughter who is in our branch too. She won’t be for long though, because she will be going to BYU in the fall! She is way cool, and basically does everything for the youth. She has like 4 callings. Haha, they are all great.

I hope you all are doing well. Thank you for the support, you’re all the best!

Elder McClintock

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