Well. This week was boring.

We have been contacting everywhere, everyway and with everyone we can possibly think of, but we just aren’t getting new people to teach. I don’t know what it is. Maybe if you have some ideas you could let me know. This email will be a short one, because nothing really happened. A lot of days spent talking to a lot of people, not getting a lot of teaching appoitments.

My relationship with Elder Ditto has definitely improved, in large part to our companionship inventory on Friday. I had been praying to know what to say to help him feel comfortable around me. Well, in short, my prayers were answered and we had an hour or so discussion where he let me know all of his struggles and I was able to be supportive. Even if I didn’t say much that was of any use, I at least felt that the opportunity to encourage him was something our companionship needed. He has a lot on his mind, and a lot to deal with. I can tell you that I have never seen anyone pray more in the last week that Elder Ditto has. He is giving Enos a run for his money. I can honestly say that he is the best missionary that I have served with, despite his struggles with the language.

We are still have a hard time with finding people, but we are in the process of planning a branch activity after church on the 12th to teach members how to help us find, fellowship, and implement Preach My Gospel into their homes. I think it will build trust with the members that we are doing everything we can to find new people to teach. I had a very good talk with President Gilmeev yesterday about our branch. I felt like we should stop by Natasha Klezhnyova to see how she was doing because she has been sick for the last few weeks and hasn’t been at church. We had a great visit with her, and talked about her conversion, and I gave a few encouraging words about the inactivity of her husband and sons. She is an amazing lady with the biggest testimony in the world. She is holding that family together. While we were there, President Gilmeev stopped by, to talk to her about some medical things (he is a doctor), and we gave her a blessing. President walked us home and we talked about the branch, giving people callings, etc. He said he feels like he is in a rough place, because he knows people need callings, and wants to give them callings, but no one from Topol has been consistantly coming since the branches were combined. We also talked a lot about less actives and he is really doing everything he can to help people. I asked him about all of the people I had been trying to get a hold of this week, and our list of names matched up and he had talked to a lot of them. It made me feel like I was doing the best I could do in regards to reactivation work when we talked about that. He is also planning a branch picnic for after the baptism on Saturday, and said that he was going to make sure to note Valdimir’s birthday, which is on Thursday. He is a great branch President and I really do feel like he is doing everything he can to make the branch run properly. I love this branch and the people here. I would love the opportunity to be able to serve on Pobyeda until this branch is running smoothly, regardless of whether it takes until next summer when I go home or not.

Vladimir’s baptism will be on Saturday, which will be good since I will miss Logan’s! I can’t believe he is all grown up and getting baptized in less than a week! It will be a busy day. That morning there is a training meeting for every missionary in the city, so we will be running all over the place the entire day.

Nothing funny happened this week, so I don’t have much to make you laugh about. Sorry for the lame email.

Thanks for everything, and all the support,

Elder McClintock

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