С Днем отцов!!!

Literally: With the Day of Fathers!

To start off, I am getting transferred, and Elder Ditto already has been. He will be finishing his mission in Cleveland, Ohio. I am very excited for him, and I know he will slay it there. He is an amazing missionary with more faith than all the faith healers on TV combined.

I will be serving in the office with Elder Parkinson. So basically, I will have a part time job sitting at a computer doing stuff 11-5, Tuesday through Friday.

This week has been an interesting one to say the least. We didn’t get a whole lot of work done after Wednesday afternoon when we found out about Elder Ditto’s reassignment. We did have a day of stopping by inactives, as Elder Hagee and I went on splits so Pobyeda could get worked and not the ENTIRE week taken over by packing, souvenier buying, etc. It was pretty somber, but I know Elder Ditto will run with this opportunity.

Nothing happened in our area this week of note. I am excited to be back in the center branch and talk with the members there much better than I could 5 months ago when I served there with Elder Hammon. The office will be a different experience, but someone needs to do it so I guess the lot fell on me. I am excited to serve with Elder Parkinson. One thing I have noticed about him, is that he is one of the most conscientiously obedient missionaries in the mission. The thought of being obedient is always on his mind, and I am excited to learn a lot from him this transfer.

Some funny things that happened this week…I ordered a traditional Ukrainian costume from a member in our branch. That should be done this week, so I’ll get y’all a picture soon. It is getting sewn in a blue and yellow pattern, gotta rep those clear skies and wheat fields! Yesterday at church, a lady wore a shirt that said "You wish your girlfriend looked this good". I thought it was hysterical.

On Friday, Elder Hagee and I went to the Relief Society activity at the Roaches’, we needed to translate. It was fun to hear all these old Ukrainian women talk about the word of wisdom, and their CRAZY health ideas. It was kind of awkward being at a Relief Society activity as well. haha.

Yesterday, for "Family Dinner" at the Roaches’, we invited over Leonid and Natasha, who you’ve all heard so much about. Here is a picture of them and I, and I’m wearing a new tie I bought this week, I hope you all thoroughly enjoy it.

I love you all!

Elder McClintock

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