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Air Conditioning

is a blessing from heaven.

It has gotten hotter, but luckily it hasn’t been nearly as bad as last summer was (so I’ve heard). I have enjoyed sitting inside a nice air conditioned room all day rather than roasting outside. Although my tan is going away already. But I don’t have any girls to impress, so it’s probably a good thing. I’m trying to keep the girls off me, and I’ve already had a girl try to seduce me once and that was enough.

So basically, not a whole lot happened this week. I did lots of boring office things. We wanted to try to get out of the office more, but there was a mission wide youth conference, so everyone who could answer the phone was at that.

This weekend was district conference. And it will be the last one for a while. They dissolved the Dnepr district, so now every branch in our mission is just directly under the mission presidency. The church grew really quickly when it first opened, but it spread out really fast and a lot of people fell away and now there are numbers, but not activity rates to match. It will be great to have all of the district leadership able to strengthen the branches. two of the three branch presidencies were organized as well. So the branch I’m serving in has a new branch president, I am very excited. The old branch president (who, fyi, was interviewed on that Faith Reborn special about Ukraine…the very last people), moved to Kyiv a while ago, but they haven’t been sure what was going to happen with the district, so they didn’t know who was available to be called. In short, President Parhomenko had been coming back every weekend from Kyiv just for church and then going back to be at work on mondays. It was really hard for him. The district president is now the 2nd counselor in the mission presidency.

That was basically the only exciting thing that happened. We went to Puzata Hata (pot-bellied cottage), a restaurant with Ukrainian food after district conference on Saturday with a bunch of missionaries. It was really fun, and the food is amazing.

I hope you are all having a good week!

Elder McClintock


Happy Birthday America!

I woke up this morning with a song from Team America World Police stuck in my head, so I figured my body must know that it is some kind of holiday! Everybody else that is seeing this in a forward, from now on you’ll be getting it that way. Mission presidents request that everything go through our family other than things being sent to our family.

So this week was an interesting one. I had my interview with President Nielsen, that was really good. We talked about a lot of good things, and I have set some very good goals to work towards to improve in my study of the gospel, my work as a missionary, and really become more Christlike in general. President Nielsen (and Sister Nielsen too! I don’t want to forget her!) has an amazing understanding of the gospel. Maybe the fact that he is one of the smartest people in the world has something to do with it, I don’t know. Or maybe it is the sheer dedication they show in living the gospel. Either way, if I end up half the people they are, I’ll be happy.

I realized this week how valuable every minute that we have is. With little time to spend outside the office, it is difficult to keep a solid area going, and you really have to put every second you can into working outside the office. President Nielsen told us that we can leave the office and go contacting if it is really slow, and their is someone to answer the phone (since the Merrills don’t speak Russian). So we will look at doing that!

I talk to the Merrills a lot in the office, and it makes me pretty home sick. They have a cabin in Island Park, and it makes me think about being up there every time they talk about it…I just need to convince them that they are in need of the services offered by some people I know pretty well 🙂

Today for the fourth, we went out to eat at an American/Mexican/Chinese restaurant that is good near the office. It was pretty funny to have a huge group of Americans, with one Russian sitting in this restaurant laughing and having a good time. Elder Neschadimov, the one native Elder in our mission, has improved his English so much since we were in the MTC. It has really made me think about how much of a blessing serving a mission is in ways we don’t really think about. I look at the returned missionaries in our mission (people from here who served missions that is) and realize that they all have good families, VERY good jobs that allow them to come to church, and almost all of them speak english fairly well.

I hope you are all doing well, I love you all! Happy Fourth of July! I hope the Freedom Festival, and whatever else you are doing is exciting. Light a few fireworks off for me!

Elder McClintock